Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some nice rattails-

Here are some rattail photos I found on the web

Here is a boy with his backpack that partially covered his
rattail but I fell in love with how long he has grew it

Backpack boy again that you can see some of his rattail
that is in the front over his shoulder

School boy with his rattail

School Boy again

I am not too found of a braided rattail but
this boy has a very nice one and is very long

Star and stripe boy

Christmas time this boy has a nice rattail that is starting to
grow pretty long

Another one that is braided and not as
cute as the other one above

After perhaps taking a bath this boy has
a nice haircut and his rattail gonna look good

Here is one of the mullet boys I posted in a mullet
post with his friend that grew a long rattail

On guard this boy isn't allowing
anyone around him with a pair
of scissors

Here is a boy with a nice haircut that grew
out some with longer bangs and his rattail
starting to grow long in the back

Here is a boy that his rattail
is starting to grow LONG

Here is a boy that is growing a rather thick rattail
that is long from the top of his head and starting
to grow long down his back

Here is the boy that is at the top of our page
that is rather very cute with that rattail growing

Getting ready to play soccer
this boy has a nice haircut

This boy is at school perhaps by the lockers
with some of his rattial coming around his neck
where he is letting it grow long

Boys in love. I love this photo because
the boy is gonna do everything he can to
protect his friend from anyone trying to
cut his rattail off and these boys are in
love with each other. They are actually gay.

Another one that is in a braid but it's long


  1. just the right hairstyles i was looking for my boy friend...thanks all the boys hairstyles pictures are great..and stylish.

  2. Could you help me out with the procedure of growing one out potentially? If we could get in contact that would be great! If you could email me at

  3. Man this brings back memories I used to have one when I was a lil kid styles changed so quickly