Sunday, May 27, 2012

30 more mullet photos.

 Nice hair that is growing out on sides and front and the back getting long.

 Beach boy with a nice haircut that loves the back of his hair long.

 I love his hair growing long enough to hang over the shoulders really nice.

Nice haircut.
 Boy letting his hair grow out with the back getting longer.

 Nice curls on the end of his hair with his mullet haircut.

 Another boy letting his hair grow out some with the back long enough to hang over the shoulders.

 This boy is just totally cute with his mullet.

 I love that curl touching his neck.

This photo and the photo below go together. I love his hair laying on his back.
That is what makes a boy look awesome with long hair.

 Total cute boy.

Frohawk and mullet in the back starting to grow long.

 Total cute with frohawk and I love the back of his hair.

 Very cute boy with a mullet.

 This is a photo that I found off the internet several years ago
and always loved his haircut with the stripes cut on the sides.

 Another cutie with the back growing long.

 Love his hair in the back.

Love the back that is getting long.
 I like this boy because he has a nice haircut with blond streaks in his hair.
I am debating if it is a rattail or a mullet because the way the back is cut. It looks like it might be more of a rattail than a mullet because it looks like some of the back is cut but you can't really tell because the back is coming around against his neck which I love seeing boys with hair like that too.

 I love this boy with his mullet and his earring that is totally making him hot.

 Again this photo and the one below it goes together. I fell in love with this boy because I love the back of his hair being very long and nice haircut on front and sides

 An late 80's photo, love his ahircut.

 Getting serious about letting the back grow long.
 Little League Baseball in the 1980's and 90's.

Just totally cute boy, love his long hair in the back.
 Just got his first mullet haircut.

Another boy with an earring and his mullet is very cute

Friday, May 25, 2012

More boys with rattails

This boy has a nice haircut with his tail

This boy been growing the rest of hair out along with his
long rattail perhaps to cut it in a mullet some day.
Notice his little brother has a rattail also.

Skateboard boy has a nice haircut

The boy on the left is a sweet looking boy,
can't get over that nice little twist that is on his lovely rattail

Boy at BMX races that has a awesome hairstyle and his tail is getting long

Boy at the swimming pool shows a nice thick rattail around his neck and to the front

I love the way this boy has tail against his neck, it tells the story that he loves it getting long

Love his haircut

Mohawk with a rattail, hair is not spiked up but he is still very cute just because he has the rattail

One of my many favorites, I always loved going to soccer games in the 80's and 90's seeing
this sport that made the rattail famous. Most of the time that you went to a youth soccer game
back then 90% of the boys had a rattail