Friday, May 25, 2012

More boys with rattails

This boy has a nice haircut with his tail

This boy been growing the rest of hair out along with his
long rattail perhaps to cut it in a mullet some day.
Notice his little brother has a rattail also.

Skateboard boy has a nice haircut

The boy on the left is a sweet looking boy,
can't get over that nice little twist that is on his lovely rattail

Boy at BMX races that has a awesome hairstyle and his tail is getting long

Boy at the swimming pool shows a nice thick rattail around his neck and to the front

I love the way this boy has tail against his neck, it tells the story that he loves it getting long

Love his haircut

Mohawk with a rattail, hair is not spiked up but he is still very cute just because he has the rattail

One of my many favorites, I always loved going to soccer games in the 80's and 90's seeing
this sport that made the rattail famous. Most of the time that you went to a youth soccer game
back then 90% of the boys had a rattail